Travan is a Makuta-Toa hybrid and second-in-command of the Shadow Guard.

Origin Edit

Travan is the result of an experiment performed by Makuta Okar to create the ultimate warrior with the strengths of a Toa and a Makuta while minimizing their weaknesses. The process requires a source of Antidermis, Makuta viruses, and a living Toa. The Antidermis would serve as a vessel for the viruses as they entered the Toa's body, and they would work together to create the hybrid. The Toa used to create Travan was a Toa of Fire named Salka, and the creation process resulted in the new being, dubbed Travan, having access to the full range of Toa and Kraata powers, as well as elemental Fire and Shadow.

Okar's Apprentice Edit

As a byproduct of his creation process, Travan had no memories of his past self. He was trained by Okar to be the perfect warrior and leader of an army of similar beings. Under Okar's tutelage, Travan first mastered his Makuta powers, followed by his Toa powers. Before he could begin to learn how to perform a Nova Blast, however, Travan overheard Okar and Velika speaking about him and learned of his origin. Travan fled immediately and sought the help of a Toa of Psionics.

Obac's Aid Edit

Using his proficiency in illusion, Travan disguised himself as a Toa of Lightning to travel unhindered through Spherus Magna to search for a Toa of Psionics. Eventually, a Vortixx barkeep named Kalas directed him to a hermit named Obac who lived on the edge of Bota Magna. After six days of travelling, Travan found Obac and begged him for help.

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