Information in this page is separated between "canon" and "non-canon." "Canon" information is part of the official Bionicle storyline, and is thus sourced from official and unofficial (yet still accurate) websites, books, and other forms of media. "Non-canon" information is where my fan-made continuity diverges from the official continuity, and is based on my MOCs.

Canon Edit

Origin of the Matoran Universe Edit

When the Great Beings created the Matoran Universe in the form of the Great Spirit Robot and its inhabitants, they based their designs on the native species of Spherus Magna. The Matoran, Toa and Turaga in particular were heavily based on the Agori villagers and the Glatorian warriors. The Agori and Glatorian were merely prototypes, however, and primarily biological with minor mechanical enhancements. The Matoran Universe inhabitants were a nearly even combination of living tissue and mechanical implants and armor.

Velika's Role Edit

One of the Great Beings transferred his mind into the body of a Po-Matoran named Velika and used the name to keep himself hidden. Within the Great Spirit Robot, he observed the workings of the Matoran Universe. After the Great Spirit Robot departed from the planet of Spherus Magna, Velika modified the Matoran Universe inhabitants' nanotechnology to allow the development of a sophisticated artificial intelligence.

The Shattering and the Core War Edit

Meanwhile, Spherus Magna had finally reached the point of no return: the Shattering. The Great Spirit robot was created to leave the planet and search for sentient life on other worlds in an effort to learn how to avoid and resolve conflict peacefully. After the discovery of Energized Protodermis, the Element Lords, created by the Great Beings, began warring over the substance, using the Glatorian species as soldiers. Eventually, enough damage was done during the war that the planed broke apart into three pieces: the ocean became the moon of Aqua Magna, the jungle became Bota Magna, and the largest piece of the world, the desert planet of Bara Magna.

The Makuta and Teridax's Rebellion Edit

The artificial intelligence governing the Great Spirit Robot was named Mata Nui. To the Matoran, he was a god, as he gave them everything needed to sustain life. The Makuta were a species created to enforce order within the Universe. One Makuta, named Teridax, grew jealous of the Matoran's admiration of his 'brother,' Mata Nui. He staged a coup against the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Miserix, by convincing or forcing other Makuta to join him and oust Miserix. Any Makuta who supported Miserix or remained neutral were killed. 1,001 years before Teridax's destruction, he initiated the Great Cataclysm, which spawned numerous disasters throughout the Matoran Universe, including Mata Nui's descent into a coma, followed by the Great Spirit Robot crash landing on Aqua Magna.

Within the Matoran Universe Edit

After Teridax rendered Mata Nui comatose, the inhabitants of Metru Nui were relocated by the Toa Metru to the island above, which they named Mata Nui after the Great Spirit. Unknown to the Matoran, whose memories had been erased by their time in the Matoran pods, the island of Mata Nui was not their original home. 1,001 years before, they had been an incredibly advanced civilization within the Matoran Universe. They had built airships, transport chutes, and Metru Nui, the Great City. Among the Matoran Universe inhabitants, the Matoran of Metru Nui were rivalled by only the Vortixx, Nynrah Ghosts, Dark Hunters, Order of Mata Nui, and the Brotherhood of Makuta.

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