Welcome to the The Shadow Guard WikiEdit

Hello, and welcome to the Shadow Guard Wiki! Odds are, you stumbled across this Wiki on accident, as this is meant to be more of an online database for my own use concerning my Bionicle MOCs. If you are here on accident, please try to refrain from editing, as you (pardon my American) have no idea what the actual fuck you're talking about. If it's a grammatical error in question, please leave a comment (generic Fandom users will likely be ignored) and detail the error, and I will fix it personally!

That should be just about it, so I'll leave you alone for now. Peace out, and Odin's blessings!



Much of what this Wiki is based on was adapted from Biosector01. Anything pertaining to the official storyline of Bionicle can be found there.

Latest activityEdit

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